Dear participants, sponsors, friends, and exhibitors of the 4th International Sea Tourism Festival (ISTF),


We regret to inform you that due to the refusal of funding and support for our project by the local authorities, despite their guarantees to the contrary throughout the preparation of the event. This has resulted in the non-fulfillment of the required specifications we had set for the conduct of our events, both for the public and for participating exhibitors/sponsors, resulting in the 2023 festival being canceled.


We are sorry that we are called to take as an organizing committee such a painful decision for us, but unfortunately, it was irreversible.


We renew our appointment for 2024.


Thank you for your understanding.


The event was scheduled to take place between 29/09 and 01/10/2023, at Marina Mandraki in Rhodes.


The last 3 events hosted a total of 29,000 visitors (coming from 70 countries), over 75 exhibitors, and over 100 international and domestic media.


The events were awarded and distinguished at the Tourism Awards (2020-Bronze, 2021-Silver, 2022-Gold award)



*The refund starts immediately and will be made after the organizing company communicates with the exhibitors/sponsors separately.